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10 Best Twitter tools for Social Media Marketers in 2018

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Twitter Marketing Tools help marketers leverage the true power of Twitter.

With over 300 million monthly active users and its enormous capacity for connecting, promoting and branding a company, Twitter is “a must” network for every brand out there. You have probably already checked up a few apps and tools to enhance your Twitter experience – and we are presenting you with the elite of Twitter tools.


twitter marketing tools for social media marketing in 2018


  1. HootSuite

Hootsuite can be used for scheduling tweets, monitoring specific keywords and Twitter Advanced Search results, your mentions, etc. To do that, just take your search string which you got from Twitter Advanced search and just copy-paste it as a new HootSuite stream.

It offers both a robust free version and a paid version. Both provide the ability to shrink links down (ow.ly), publish posts for later, organize lists into groups, easy profile researching, and analytics.



  1. Buffer

Buffer allows you to manage multiple accounts, not only on Twitter but also Facebook, LinkedIn and more. You can create custom schedules to control exactly when your updates go out, and the analytics feature is pretty useful too.

It lets you schedule your tweets in the most organized way possible, as it assists you in managing your Tweets by letting them get spread throughout the day

There is both a free and paid version.




For using Twitter as a marketing tool, it is must to have Twitter Marketing Tools that offer URL shortening services.

You can plug the Bit.ly API key into TweetDeck, Seesmic, and Twitter feed that will help you get the stats for links you share by using those applications

In addition to all this, it also helps you create your own custom short domain that matches the brand




  1. TweetDeck

This one is one of the best desktop Twitter tools that includes features similar to HootSuite

Another great feature is the ability to schedule tweets when you’re away from the keyboard. Tweetdeck has been bought by Twitter making it a safe bet for your Twitter management.

The biggest benefit of TweetDeck is its ability to organize your Twitter audience into groups which can make it easier to create customized marketing communication.




  1. Commun.it

This is a fantastic answer to the issue of community management on Twitter when you start growing in numbers, and tracking and engaging with your followers comes near to impossible. By creating reports.

It makes it really easy to see who you are interacting with, who is mentioning your brand and determining the potential leaders and influencers

As one of the best Twitter Marketing Tools, Commun.it helps you send thanks to the people who retweet your Tweets

You can also use Commun.it to welcome a follower who follows your Twitter profile


Commun it twitter marketing tool


  1. Tweriod

If you want a Twitter Tool which can review your account activity and give you recommendations on the best times to send your tweets to maximize your follower’s clicks — this is that too

The App takes into account how well your Tweets have performed at various times and when your followers used to Tweet the most.



  1. TweetAdder

If you are looking to add Twitter followers fast, this may be the tool for you.

It is said it can easily add up to 150 new like-minded followers to your account every day.

Tweet Adder is a software application which allows you to automatically build followers, send replies and thank-yous, and current and future-date messages.

This Twitter tool is not a web application, but rather, it is loaded onto your computer.



  1. Twilert

Similar to Google Alerts, Twilert can set up any term and then be notified about any activity on Twitter about it

You can use Twilert to alert you by an Email whenever your brand gets mentioned on Twitter. This will help you participate in interaction and ensure optimum engagement

This was particularly helpful if you can’t spend too much time on Twitter each day, yet need a daily digest email to be informed.



  1. Visibli

This one is again known as one of the best free Twitter Marketing Tools that help you create a custom sharing bar that gets incorporated into any links you share by using Visibli

Visibli can also get connected to your TweetDeck or Seesmic desktop Twitter Marketing Tools




  1. TwitterCounter

Twitter Counter offers basic analytics and graphs on things like Followers and Tweets.

It also produces real-time statistics and creates content on this for your followers automatically.

Twittercounter’s free version features statistics about followers, people you’re following and tweets.



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