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6 Most Common SEO Mistakes you need to Avoid

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Optimizing your site and blog according to Search Engines is a basic component of your marketing strategy.

While SEO is transforming, it remains over advertisers’ plans as it is an intense method to convey guests to your organization’s outlets and to guide them towards your business channel.

Web optimization Techniques are changing winding up more client-driven, it is difficult to rank best on Search Engines as they used to.

There are some normal SEO mistakes that are hard to avoid. Testing advancement approaches are additionally troublesome in light of the fact that you can’t check your techniques since search engines’ standards are ending up hard to foresee.

In the event that you are doing SEO for your site, these are a couple of the things you can go and check.

6 Common Seo Mistakes to avoid Infographics

Here are 6 normal SEO Mistakes to avoid.

  1. Keyword Stuffing

You may think utilizing you’re focused on a keyword in each sentence conceivable would be an extraordinary thought, yet running over the edge with utilizing keyword is set apart as nasty via search engines, which will influence your SEO.

Attempt to keep keyword density between 3-5% of substance on your site page.

Utilizing Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) could be an incredible plan to avoid keyword stuffing.

  1. Publishing Duplicate Content

Submitting of spun articles for the benefit of a site has now turned into a black SEO method.

Duplicating and stealing content is viewed as a malicious practice and is debilitated.

Utilizing an online spinner or programming makes spun articles detectable by Search Engine algorithms.

The use of articles in site design improvement is imperative for blog content, article submission, guest blogging, press releases and so on.

Nonetheless, utilizing spun articles would result in serious punishments from the Search Engine.

  1. Forgetting mobile users.

Search engine optimization enhancement isn’t just about content and watchwords. It’s additionally about the nature of your site, especially its execution on mobile devices, which are users’ best decision today.

Google and Other web crawlers can discover the website is mobile responsive or not.

Find a way to guarantee that your site and its content is mobile friendly and responsive.

Likewise, focus on creating content for users that would normally use mobile devices.

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  1. Forgetting About Analytics

Many marketers would disregard the numbers, but this is a serious mistake

Data is an unbelievable tool not to only gauge the impact of our marketing efforts but additionally help inform those efforts.

Creating and regularly reviewing your analytics is required for your optimization results.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are simply two of the main tools you should use to measure and get a summary of your website’s performance.

  1. Link Building Errors

To be able to get backlinks to a website, lots of SEO workers submit links to plenty of directories that bears no relation or similarity to the site that’s being optimized.

An example of that is sending an “SEO Training Institutes In Delhi” link to an economic management directory hoping to get link juice.

This is simply called spamming and with updates in the algorithms of search engines, such activity is now able to be discovered and penalized.

Back Links ought to be from sites and directories with considerable relativity in topics and themes to the site being optimized. Exactly the same matches reciprocal links and link farms.

Penguin ranking algorithm has been constantly updated to find out sites with reciprocal links and belonging to link farms and to effectively punish them. This punishment usually ranges from lack of PageRank to total blacklisting from the search engines.

  1. Forgetting about image optimization

Cover all your bases by making sure image filenames and alt text contain relevant keywords. Also, to make certain your page loads quickly, optimize the image size for every single screen size and/or lazy load the images.


I’ve pointed out our most common mistakes that individuals have as it pertains to SEO, there are many SEO mistakes that you must look out too, but I think you must leave them to your SEO specialists, as the owner of the web site or marketing manager, you must look at SEO from high-level, strategic standpoint to ensure that your SEO campaign is maneuvering to the right direction.

My recommended SEO approach here is to fully optimize your onsite for search engines, optimize your landing pages for better conversion, develop awesome content and generate good quality, thematic links to your site. Does it sum up everything about SEO? Virtually I believe.

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6 Most Common SEO Mistakes you need to Avoid - SEO Optimization
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6 Most Common SEO Mistakes you need to Avoid - SEO Optimization
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