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Cool, But Little Known Facebook Marketing Tips

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Facebook is currently (at the time of this writing) the 4th largest country in the world. Isn’t that funny that we are now calling a website a country? Anyways, it’s growing quickly and if you’re not using as part of your social media/online marketing strategy you’re probably missing out in some way. Facebook marketing should be a key element of this strategy.

Here are a few cool Facebook Marketing Tips and Ticks, but little known tips for optimizing your Facebook marketing activities.


 Facebook Marketing Tips #1 Adding Your Website On Your Profile

Down the left-hand side of your profile page, you’ll see a section called Information. In that section, you can list all your websites. If you include the http:// then Facebook will automatically create these as hyperlinks. I would recommend putting no more than 3 websites here. You don’t want to come across as too “sales”.

facebook marketing



Facebook Marketing Tips #2 Featuring Your Most High Profile Friends

Just below the Information section is the Friends section. If you click the little pen in the upper right-hand corner of this section, you have the ability to indicate how many friends thumbnails you want to show there. Then you can indicate exactly which friends will show up there. Marketing Tricks helps to show people that you are connected in some way to others who are high profile in your industry.


Facebook Marketing Tips #3 Create a Facebook Fan Page

If you’re only using your Facebook profile, then you’re going to max out at 5,000 friends. This isn’t’ good if friend # 5,001 is a big spender and really wants to buy what you’re offering. Also, Facebook profiles (which is what you get when you first create your account on Facebook) is really meant for a person, not necessarily a company.

To create your Facebook Fan Page, go to the very bottom of the page and click on the Advertising link. Then at the top, you’ll see a link for Pages. Then you’ll have a large green button which allows you to create a new page.

Follow the prompts to create this new page. This is one of the most important things you can do for Facebook marketing.

Once it’s created I would suggest using a large, professional picture of yourself or your company’s branding. A great example of this is Mari Smith. Her fan page can be found at facebook.com/marismith. The size of this image is 200px by 600px. So it allows for a great space to promote what you or your company does.


Facebook Marketing Tips #4 Setting Your Username URLs

When you want to send someone to your Facebook profile or fan page, you normally would have to send them all long link that looks like this:


Wouldn’t it be nicer to send a link that looks like this:


In order to set this up for both your profile and your fan page, login and go to facebook.com/username. This page will allow you to set the username or URL for both your profile and any fan pages you have.

With these new shorter, more friendly URLs you can put them on your branding pieces and send them to others so they are easier to remember and to type in.


Facebook Marketing Tips #5 Adding YouTube & Twitter Tabs On Your Fan Page

adding youtube and twitter


I use a great tool called Involver to link my YouTube and my Twitter accounts to my fan page. This basically creates new tabs across the top of my fan page where my YouTube videos and my tweets are automatically fed into my fan page. It’s totally automated and gives your visitors another view of your other social media content.


Facebook Marketing Tips #6 Sharing The Love

This is a powerful strategy. Whenever you add something to your wall where you are referring to someone else on Facebook, include the @ sign in front of their name. This will do two things.

First, it’s creating their name as a hyperlink so that anyone can click on this name and immediately go to that person’s fan page or profile. Secondly, anytime you post something on your wall and include @Name, your post will automatically show up on their wall. If they have a huge following then those followers will see your image, link, and post on that other person’s wall.

If any of this sounds confusing I’ve created a video to go along with this article which I show you step by step how to set up each of these Facebook marketing Tricks. Look for the link in my bio below.

I hope that these Facebook marketing Ideas help you to grow your business online. Remember social media is about being social, not about blasting your sales pitch at everyone.

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