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Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO is a complex and ever-changing field, so it’s understandable that many business owners make mistakes. With the help of our panel of experts, we’ve compiled 15 common SEO mistakes you should avoid. The experts share their advice on how to correct these SEO errors in your site to ensure better search rankings for your site.

Update Your Google My Business Listing

Not claiming or properly managing Google My Business listings is a huge SEO mistake. With Google placing more importance on “near me” searches, the single most important potential for small businesses is to claim their location, provide all necessary information, and answer inquiries that come in.

Only Focusing On-Site SEO

Not taking advantage of off-site SEO techniques is an obvious seo mistake. Even if you have the best site with thousands of links, it’s not going to matter at all, unless you are also cultivating authority and link juice on other sites.

Bringing in Social Media Traffic

Social media can be a great source for SEO traffic (and sales). However, don’t forget about your organic presence as well! If someone searches for “yourbrand” or even generic keywords like “shoes” or “cars”, then social media traffic will naturally bring them into your conversion funnel; but that doesn’t mean they’ve found what they were looking for originally – so make sure to incorporate those people back into your SEO campaigns by targeting similar keywords in your SEO campaigns!

While there are many more SEO mistakes that one can make, the above three SEO mistakes should be avoided in order to get ahead of your competition. Remember: you don’t want Google or users thinking that search terms related to “shoes” will bring them back onto a site for shoes when they go onto social media looking for reviews on their favorite brand – so avoid these SEO mistakes and enjoy the added traffic!

Regular Website Audits Are Not Being Done

An audit involves inspecting the performance of your website from both a consumer and a search engine standpoint. Is it possible to improve site navigation? Is there enough relevant information on the page? How quickly does the mobile version come online, and how effectively does it perform? Techniques for increasing the website’s visibility in search engine results include going beyond a simple crawl to identify and remove broken or duplicate pages, as well as creating new content that is relevant for your target audience.

Avoiding Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can be an issue no matter how many years you have been established on the web – it’s important not only from an SEO standpoint but also because of consumer experience. You don’t want people coming back to find identical information over and over again while wasting time searching through page after page! The solution? Make sure each piece of unique text has its own individual link so consumers know where they are being directed, so this should be avoided at all costs when sewing. Nobody likes spammy websites with nothing but ads and links to other pages, so it’s important that you don’t create such a site.

Avoiding Poor Content

Another common mistake is creating content that people do not want to read or look at in general! If no one likes what they see then how can the company expect them to come back? There needs to be a balance of professional writing with some fun touches as well. People go online looking for entertainment from time to time too, so make sure there are articles with memes or jokes attached if this applies to your business model. You never know when someone might need a good laugh while surfing the web! Nobody wants an SEO strategy where everything sounds like a professional robot wrote it. It can be very boring and will likely drive away traffic.

Avoiding Poor Structure

If the structure is off with an SEO strategy then this could stop people from even clicking through to your site in the first place! The good news here is that you do not have to hire someone full-time for SEO so, don’t worry about paying some unknown person over and over again as long as they keep things up to date on a regular basis. For example, if there are too many keywords stuffed into one article then Google may think this is spammy which means no one finds anything valuable when they click through either! This type of SEO mistake needs immediate attention before any positive results come rolling in.

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