What is Content Aggregation and how to use it for digital marketing
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What is Content Aggregation and How to Use it for Digital Marketing

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With constant upgradations in technology, the digital marketing scenario keeps changing. Content Aggregation is one such aspect of digital marketing, that has gained momentum in recent times.

Content Aggregation, an important element of any digital marketing strategy helps you multiply your digital marketing efforts and gain a broader perspective of what buzz about your brand is floating in the market.


This article is all about content aggregation and how you can use it for strengthening your digital marketing efforts.


What Is Content Aggregation?

Content Aggregation, in a nutshell, is the process of collating “content” from various online sources and aggregating them at one place where they could be easily managed, customized, and curated and the tools used to do so are called content aggregators.

Basically, it is the act of reproducing content which is not originally created by you in the first place but it is related to your brand by means of mentions, tagged, or direct reviews made online.

Before you question its authenticity, let me clarify, it is neither unethical nor are there any copyright issues. It’s just the practice of showcasing the audience your users’ experience and satisfaction with your brand’s products and services.

So, content aggregation is the act of discovering and fetching user-generated content about your brand from the public spheres from all over the internet, to one single platform, normally on the dashboards of the content aggregators.


Need For Content Aggregation

Content crunch is a constant source of trouble for digital marketers. No number of sources are ever enough to produce enough quality and relevant content to satisfy the hunger of a digital marketer for his marketing strategies.

Content Aggregation gives you access to an infinite pool of user-generated content from various social media platforms, media sites, and other credible sources on the internet. Thus, you can mix this aggregated content with your originally created content for your brand marketing and meet with the constant content crunch you face.

Also, Content Aggregators, like Taggbox, have the skills and infrastructure to meet the needs of constant content updates providing relevant and interesting content to your users and audience.

Various factors are responsible that make Content Aggregation so important for your digital marketing campaign. Some of these are- Rise of non-traditional content developers, multiple content formats prevalent and in high demand, a great platform for content management to be used by lesser-known brands, and so many more such factors.


How To Aggregate Content For Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

While aggregating content, certain things need to be kept in mind. First of all, your content shouldn’t be plagiarized. Aggregation and copying are two different things. You need to maintain that difference.

And second of all, you do not use every single piece of content that you aggregate. It needs to be properly moderated and filtered out in order to produce the best quality content.


Here are some tricks to aggregate content effectively for your digital marketing campaign. Come, let’s have a look.

  1. Find Accurate And Relevant Sources

You will be using your aggregated content for your marketing purposes. So, make sure you aggregate your content from credible and authentic sources. Your content helps you build your brand image, hence it is imperative that your content is authentic.

Your hashtags, keywords, and other search criteria that you input must be such that they discover and fetch relevant and interesting content for you. This aggregated content can further be filtered and curated in order to enhance the quality of your content.

  1. Add Value To Your Original Content

So, when you aggregate content for your marketing purpose, make sure you don’t simply cut, copy, and paste it. Instead, try mixing it up with your original content.

When you use a quote or a reference from an external source that you aggregated, make sure you include your own insight and opinion on that particular topic. This will add value to your original content. The aggregated content is to enhance the relevancy of your original content, not to replace it. Once you understand this basic philosophy, you are good to go aggregating content and using it for your marketing purpose.

  1. Make It User-Oriented

One of the best approaches to aggregating content is by making the whole content marketing strategy user-oriented. Once your marketing campaign is all set to revolve around users and their experiences with your brand, your vision to aggregate content becomes clearer.

You can focus on aggregating user-generated content broadly. Further, you can keep categorizing your aggregation needs as per your marketing campaign. You may aggregate user-generated content from particular platforms, of a particular kind, and from particular public profiles too. Or you could mix it up all. The choice is completely yours.

  1. Run Hashtag Contests

In order to aggregate content, there must be a plentiful supply of user-generated content around your brand. But how do you create that? And that too, in such high volumes.

You could encourage your users to create user-generated content for your brand by running hashtag UGC campaigns and contests. Users readily react to such campaigns and participate actively. Such initiatives are also successful to generate a voluminous swirl of user-generated content on social media. This content could be aggregated using social media aggregators. Also, you could display this content to your audience through social walls boosting more user-engagement with your brand.

  1. Analyze Your Aggregated Content

    One very important and necessary step that follows content aggregation is analyzing the performance of the content being used for your marketing purpose.

Using the Analytics tool that comes with Content Aggregators helps you a long way to measure and track the performance of your aggregated content. It gives you deep insights into the engagement level of the customers with your aggregated content. This further helps you make the required amends in your marketing strategy and strengthen it further.


Content Aggregation is on the rise and will continue to be in the digital marketing industry. Remember, the goal of Content Aggregation is not only publishing consistent content, but also provide relevant and interesting content to your users.

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What is Content Aggregation and How to Use it for Digital Marketing
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What is Content Aggregation and How to Use it for Digital Marketing
Content Aggregation, an important element of any digital marketing strategy helps you multiply your digital marketing efforts. This article is all about content aggregation and how you can use it for strengthening your digital marketing efforts.
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