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Digital Marketing Strategies Of BJP and Congress for Election Campaign

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There is no doubt that the Election in 2019 will be intense, and a heated tussle for power like all the previous election campaigns was used to be. But the major differences which will be there in this time election campaign used by BJP and Congress in the use of digital platforms and digital marketing in India.

This time election campaigns would be fought equally on the virtual world apart from being done on the real side and now the digital marketing in India have started been the target for election campaigns by both the BJP and Congress parties.

In 2014, the election campaign of BJP was powered mainly by social media and helped BJP to take the throne. The election campaign of 2019 is set to be on a different dimension altogether and with the help of digital marketing in India, Congress too is getting their cyber army ready against the Hercules of BJP’s social media team.

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The election campaigns scenario of India has completely changed, the roots campaigns are equally supported using digital marketing in India and various digital platforms.

Parties like BJP and Congress are making ready thousands of volunteers who are trained in data analyst and used for communications through digital platforms.

The electoral battle in 2019 is not only on the ground level but has keenly shifted to social media and digital platforms.

Not only big parties like BJP and Congress are using the digital medium but parties like AAM AADMI Party and the Communist Party of India-Marxist are using digital marketing in India for their campaigns.

Congress who have probably learned from their mistakes in 2014 are putting their best in leveling up the operations on digital platforms which otherwise has been a forte for the BJP.

Long ago, Congress has started widening its digital presence and to confront the digital presence of BJP, there are setups of different digital war rooms in every state.

According to a spoke person of a leading political party of India, they have created a social media unit in every state of India and now they are going to take in a step further in every district of India.

Since its digital medium and everyone is aware of digital marketing in India, everybody is already connected. Everybody has appropriate data on their phone, and they are much aware of the strategies to be used.

A few weeks ago, there was a form posted by the Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi for improving the party’s communications.

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The party also shared their WhatsApp number to get full use of digital marketing in India and asked users to connect on the WhatsApp number.

The first party to realize the potential power of digital platforms was BJP and there are still formidable in the digital war and they are ever ready to face their opponents.

BJP has approximately 1.2 million digital volunteers which are constantly on the verge of the rising and this is the ultimate results of campaigns through digital platforms.

The social media strategies of BJP are fully dependent on their well-trained cadre who are exceptional in using the digital medium for political communication and committed volunteer network.

Congress is working their way through on digital platforms to get a massive turnaround in the party’s popularity online and they have a significant number of people working in the social media team to do it.

The team of Congress digital platforms workers will be further increased for a better campaign for 2019 polls.

The social media warriors from both the sides are fully geared for the elections and they are matching each other campaigns using digital marketing in India.

Not only Congress uses the social media platforms to counter-attack BJP campaigns but even the CPI (M) has now utilized the digital platforms to expand their reaches for the coming polls.

The party’s social media team is ready to face the challenges at the digital space and they are ever ready to match each other challenges by preparing their own sets of campaigns.

Few parties started their social media campaigns a little late after the finishing of 2014 elections and till the time BJP had already become a superpower in the digital and social media platforms.

The dedicated teams of CPI (M) are looking after the digital platforms in states such as Kerala, West Bengal, Tripura, and Tamil Nadu. The party works on making the presence felt on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram also working on the YouTube Channel of the party as these are the rated platforms of digital marketing in India.

The AAP social media strategy maker was seen telling that they don’t work like how the big parties of BJP and Congress do, they don’t have secret underground social platforms warriors, but they have a lot of volunteers.
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Parties like Congress and BJP are using data analytics along with digital marketing in India to connect with workers and volunteers.

One of the big steps which Congress and BJP have taken is establishing a data analytics department which means that they have recognized the importance of making decisions through data.

Studying of electoral data in order to interpret voting patterns is not something new for parties but the addition of big data, machine learning and digital marketing in India has facilitated deeper analysis and insights.

Data analytics and digital marketing in India plays an important role in completing the campaigns for the bigger political parties like BJP and Congress.

The UK-based data mining firm Cambridge Analytica was accused of using personal user data from Facebook to influence poll results across various nations.

According to the recent results, after China India has the highest number of Internet users estimated to be about 462.12 million in the world. This is the major reasons why parties like BJP and Congress Campaigns through digital marketing in India.

By the end of 2019, it is predicted that there would be about 258.27 million social network users in India which is way beyond 168 million users in 2016.

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How BJP and Congress are using digital Platforms for Election Campaign
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How BJP and Congress are using digital Platforms for Election Campaign
The election campaigns scenario in India has completely changed. Parties like BJP and Congress are making ready thousands of volunteers who are trained in data analyst and used for communications through digital platforms
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