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Business, Brands and Domains: How to Play the Name Game Right

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Your business name plays a vital role in determining your brand appeal and can proactively help you to connect with your targeted audience. So, you just cannot afford to be careless while deciding the perfect name for your business.

It becomes all the more important when you decide to sell your products and services via the internet as you don’t only have to choose the right brand name but also make sure that it fits well into the ideal standards of domain names.

The things could seem difficult to you especially if you are not deeply informed with the digital ecosystem or are held up with various other issues associated with setting up a new business.


How can you use this article to help you buy the best domain name?

It would be great to prepare a checklist to avoid mistakes and ensure best practices. In this article we have presented some important factors that will help you to create a logical checklist that you can consult before choosing a brand name or a domain name for your business:


Don’t delay to register the desired name

If you have decided to sell your products or services online, you would certainly need a domain name. The question is would you like to buy an affordable domain name now or wait until some smart domain reseller/namesake business buys that name and resell to you at exorbitant prices?

Wouldn’t it be wise to choose the first option and keep the things simple quick and affordable?

dont delay to register domain


Audience connect quickly with Simple memorable names

While many new age businesses love to have “Chick” names that are spelled differently or the ones that may befuddle the brain, it is not the right practice.

If you go back and read the sentence again, you would certainly know what we mean. Don’t you think that just a “K” at the end of chic and “Befuddle” instead of its humble counterpart “Confuse”, could have made the sentence sound perfect?

Contrary to the prevalent notion among the new age businesses, the misspelled names or synonyms may offer your business a chic identity but they would do more harm than good in the long term.

If you wish to be a household name you need to choose the household names that can easily be understood and remembered by common people and are generally used in the daily conversation.

Misspelled names, synonyms and jargons don’t fit the criteria at all.  


Avoid using the names that can repel the audience

Along with being easy for the people to remember the ideal domain names should also be equally appealing to all. To the least, they should not repel or offend specific sections of audiences.

For instance, you might choose the name “White Supreme” for your new washing powder but it might not gel well with some people.

Why give them a chance to “read between the lines” (even if that wasn’t your intention)? Wouldn’t it be better to go for “Bright Supreme” or some similar names that would sound more natural and unbiased?


Naming niche businesses

If your business is targeting only selected audiences then it could be a great choice to go for the names that specifically denotes or resonates with that section. For instance, if you are running a recruitment agency only for the senior level professionals then Seniorrecruitment.com or seniorjobs.com would be a better name to choose.

niche marketing to choose business


Take direct help from those who matter the most

Don’t jump for any domain name just because it sounds appealing to you. After all, you won’t be selling goods or services to yourself; you will sell them to your audience. Have a well-defined branding ideology when you choose the domain name for your business. There are various aspects to consider.

Consider asking yourself these questions:

  • What kind of image the domain name brings to the mind of the visitors?
  • How well the perceived image fits with your branding objectives?
  • Can it instantly connect with the audience?
  • Most importantly, how do you plan the branding strategy to turn your domain into a household name?


Don’t settle for common names

Bestseoervices.com is too generic a name to leave an impression. Why not go for a relevant yet easy to remember a name like targetseoservices.com, bestshotseo.com or something similar.

The ideal name should be a perfect blend of creativity, brand value, purpose, and relevance.


Give your business a “room to grow”

You start your business with an objective to grow it. Make sure that your brand (and domain name) does not create boundaries around your growth potential.

For instance, you might have started a brand that only sells corporate shirts and name it Elitecorporateshirts.com but who knows, in the future, you might expand the inventory to include corporate suits and other corporate apparels as well.

However, the domain name will make it almost impossible for you to attract shoppers who are looking for corporate clothing other than shirts.

In such cases, you lose the juice of hard-earned brand reputation of Elitecorporateshirts.com and your brand investment is rendered useless.

Additionally, you will have to go over again through the time-consuming process of choosing another brand/domain name and restarting the branding strategies.


Consider Legal Issues

You invest a good amount in promoting the brand name. So make sure that the brand is you choose should be clear from present and potential legal issues.

Avoid buying the domain name that was earlier associated with another company or the one that is very old. The best practice is to go for the fresh domain names directly purchased from the domain registrars.

Also, make sure that your brand name has not already been taken by another company. It is best to seek the help of legal professionals and trademark agencies for avoiding any issues in the future.

consider legal issues for choosing brand


Choose “Names” not “definitions”

Over-descriptive brand names have a connotation of low confidence and they sound DIY sort of thing. It can cost you premium clients and potential partners irrespective of the innovative concept or high caliber of your business.

Other than that it also makes the social media journey difficult for you as some platforms like twitter support only the business names with modest length.

Even if you can create a longer name on other platforms it will fail to connect instantly with the clients. For instance “Alexdomainandwebhostingltd.com” is too long to be remembered correctly and it doesn’t sound natural, either.


Be wise when asking for feedback

However, if you are not yet decided on a specific domain name and have multiple options, then avoid using the social media or other public platforms asking the feedback on specific names.

The domain resellers are faster than you think. They might purchase those domain names before you and then you won’t be left with another option than to buy it at much higher prices.

Another solution could b to check for the price of the different domain names and if they aren’t restrictively expensive then you can buy those names before asking for the feedback.

Worry not; there are many sites like SEdo.com where you can sell your unused domain names.

be wise while asking for feedback



Your business name gives an identity to your brand, offers you a distinct reputation and helps in attracting the targeted audience and strengthens relations with existing and potential clients.

When we talk in the context of the digital ecosystem the exercise can become even more demanding as you need to choose the name that meets offline as well as online objectives.

In this article, we have presented some key points to keep in the mind while finding the best name for your business. The readers can expect to make better choices if they prepare a business naming checklist based on the tips given in this article.

Frankly speaking, we don’t claim that this is the one size fits all kind of article. So, the readers are also advised to exercise their discretion and decide what works best for them depending on their specific business objectives, industry, targeted audiences and other key factors.


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10 key Factors to Consider Before Naming Your Business (Brand and Domain)
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10 key Factors to Consider Before Naming Your Business (Brand and Domain)
Your business name plays a vital role in determining your brand appeal and can proactively help you to connect with your targeted audience. So, you just cannot afford to be careless while deciding the perfect name for your business.
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