10 Effective ways to generate leads on Linkedin
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10 Effective ways to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is like a giraffe crossed with a llama. It is a social network, but it is also professional. People spend time on LinkedIn for different reasons than why they visit Facebook or Instagram. They are looking for meaningful connections, instead of influence and ideas. That is why you should always adopt a behavior of your audience, so you don’t step on anyone’s toes. 

There are some people on LinkedIn who are only looking to get business and not engage with anyone. You should not bother with them.

There are also people who will make it out that they are bigger than they are. You need to learn how to spot them. Below you will get a few tips on Generating Leads with people on LinkedIn without being accused of spamming. 




Get Your Visibility Up 

If you would like to engage with people on social media, you will have to be the person they feel like they know already. You will have to use your LinkedIn posts to build relationships with your followers. You have to remember that people buy from those they know, like, and trust.

It is also about personal branding. Check your LinkedIn statistics regularly and see who has visited your profile. There are some great tools that will help you do that, even if you are not upgraded. 


Engage with Other People 

It is not enough to make connections. Some people will teach you how to connect with more people, but this will not help you generate leads online using LinkedIn. You will have to deepen the relationship.

Treat your connections as if you were dating them. Let them get to know and trust you, and don’t bore them with the same old jokes and locations. If you keep on taking a girl to the same restaurant and order the same food, they will soon get bored and move on. The same applies to your LinkedIn connections. 


Help People Out

Before you create a detailed LinkedIn strategy, you will need to consider what people are looking for on LinkedIn. They want to network with others.

Have you ever been to a networking event when someone came to you, introduced themselves, and started with a sales pitch straight away? If you have, did you buy from them?

Chances are that you haven’t. That is why you have to focus on helping people out first and building reciprocity. 




Provide Valuable Content 

To make your LinkedIn pages create more engagement, you will need to provide your audience with what they are looking for; content and value. You can share your tips on managing a business, show how you work, or simply share other people’s links if they are relevant to your group or audience.

If you are filling your LinkedIn account with meaningless messages, you will soon lose connections. LinkedIn users are far from being impulse buyers. 


Ask Questions; People Love Being Listened To 

If you have managed to master networking already, you will know that people love being listened to, and hate being sold to.

That is why you will have to show that you are there and ready to support them. When they post about an achievement or a struggle, you can show your support by commenting on their posts or encouraging them through a private message. 


Share Content, Even If It Is Not Yours 

If there is one thing that most business owners get wrong, it is that they think they need to get all their content and links on LinkedIn.

In fact, sometimes, you will get more engagement if you share a useful article or tip from other authors than trying to get people to click on your blog link.

You should pay more attention to the value of the content and less to the destination of the link. You can brand yourself through associating your account with quality content. 


Don’t Message with the Intention to Sell 

Have you ever received a sales pitch straight after you connected with people? I am sure you have. This is annoying. It is like not giving you time to get to know them and engage with them, and wanting it all.

Simply put, it is like meeting a girl on the street and asking them if they wanted to spend the night with you. I am sure you can guess the answer. If you message someone, simply introduce yourself and ask about their business. 


Use Surveys So People Can Help You Out 

One of the most effective methods we have used to engage with LinkedIn connections is surveys. You can publish them on your page, in LinkedIn groups, or send them out to your close connections. You can create targeted LinkedIn surveys that focus on one industry or occupation.

The more relevant the survey is, the more likely people will be willing to help you out and answer the questions. Keep it short, though. LinkedIn people have limited time.  


Comment Regularly

One of the tips I usually give out to my coaching clients is to comment regularly on other people’s posts. You can set aside 30-60 minutes a day or a week to go through your account and see if you can help and support others. Remember, engaging on social media is a two-way process. If you comment on people’s posts and read their articles, they are more likely to remember you when you send them a message. 


Have a Plan and a Sales Funnel Attached

No strategy will work without social media sales funnel. You will need to create a follow-up strategy, no matter if you are doing it through the LinkedIn messaging system, or through your autoresponder sequence. It is important that you have a plan and design your funnel with the end result in mind.

What is the outcome you are expecting from your LinkedIn engagement campaign? Is it a sale, referral, or partnership? Define your goals and brainstorm ideas on how you can get people to trust you on Linkedin, and you can avoid being accused of spamming. 

LinkedIn has its own etiquette, and if you don’t follow it, you might ruin your personal reputation and professional brand. Be helpful, avoid delivering your sales pitch too soon, and you will be able to generate leads through LinkedIn.

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How to Generate Leads on Linked without Spamming People | LinkedIn Marketing
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How to Generate Leads on Linked without Spamming People | LinkedIn Marketing
There are also people who will make it out that they are bigger than they are. You need to learn how to spot them. Below you will get a few tips on Generating Leads with people on LinkedIn without being accused of spamming. 
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