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How to Get your First 10k Followers on Instagram

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Growing Instagram followers pool from scratch to 10k+ can seem a daunting task, right? Well, it’s not. Although it requires strategic hard work, it is doable in a matter of a few months.

Here, we will highlight a few proven ways to grow your Instagram followers within a short.

Let’s get started!

  1. Have a goal in mind

Just like any other business, you must have a goal when starting on Instagram. Do you want to use the platform as a marketing tool? Maybe a place to share photos of your products? Whichever the case, a goal is paramount.

Perhaps you run a digital marketing firm. You can target web designers, copywriters, bloggers, etc. this group of people is more of your partners. They can comment and share your content and help your brand grow.

Likewise, decide on the type of followers you want. See what kind of brands they follow and try to imitate your competitors’ strategy. This can include hashtags, photos & information in their bio, etc.

  1. Create an appealing profile

Now that you have your target audience in mind, it is time to create a profile that converts. It is also the only place where people will see the link to your site. To have a converting profile:

Start with an appealing bio. Include a link to your website. Tell people that you can offer a solution to a specific problem. Avoid yapping about what you do instead show what you offer. This way, you are bound to increase your Instagram following.

Another tip to attract more followers is to have a professional-grade profile picture. It should echo your company.

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  1. Create an editorial calendar

Most brands overlook creating an editorial calendar, don’t fall in the same trap. It is a sure way to stay abreast of the competition. Why? Because you’ll know what and when to post in advance. No more head-scratching.

To start with, you can pick topics that were successful in your competitors’ strategy. Well, if they worked for them, they’ll surely work for you too. Populate your first editorial month(s) with these topics. However, avoid copyright infringement.

Also, avoid posts that seem like sales pitches. While promoting your brand to attract new followers, add some personal touch and humor to your content. Decide on which hashtags you need to use for each material.


  1. Create informative and engaging content

With a goal in mind, a target audience and a converting profile, it is time to create content that your audience love. You can start by looking at your competitors’ profiles and seeing what their audience likes interacting with. Once you get hold of this, populate your account with relevant images and posts.

Besides, checking on your competitors ensure you post images that the audience will resonate with. It removes the feeling of doubt. That said, avoid over-sharing since prospect followers might label you a spammer. Other times, you might find yourself off-topic.

  1. Collaborate and invest in influencer marketing

Another way to hit the ten thousand followers milestone is through collaboration. Look for brands that are similar but non-competing. Comment, share, and like each other’s posts and at times, take over each other’s account. You are bound to see a spike in your following each time a collaborator shares your posts, and vice versa.

Another way around it is to invest in influencer marketing. The model is similar to collaboration only that you have to shell out for influencer’s services. Basically, they will mention your product or service to their audience, and in return, you get followers and maybe a few sales.

However, before settling for influencer marketing, ensure you have all things running. A converting profile, an optimized website, and quality products. Otherwise, you’ll be backing at the wrong tree.

  1. Post regularly

Aim for at least 3-5 posts per day. Your audience will keep up with your consistency, which can result in more following. Avoid inconsistency since it ruins your brand reputation and authenticity. Most brands use listening tools such as Iconosquare to gauge when to post.  Besides, you can use Instagram analytics to maximize your brand exposure.

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  1. Respect your Instagram community

Do not fall into the trap of treating your Instagram followers as numbers. Always remember they are living creatures just like you. Listen to your audience’s needs and create products that solve their needs. Otherwise, you are not making any meaningful impact.

To know if you are making an impact, look at the number of likes, engagement, and how many bother to comment on your posts. As your following grows, so should your engagement level and not the other way. As they say, respect is a two-way street; respect them, and they’ll respect you.


  1. Analyze and scale

After a few months, it’s time to look at what works for you. Which strategy attracted more followers? How can you improve your engagement? Analytics information comes in handy at this juncture; see which posts brought more engagement and polish them for future use.

Scrap off posts that performed poorly and replace them with successful ones. Then, run ads on those successful posts in the future.


  1. Have followers participate

This is the new norm with established brands across all industries. To get more Instagram followers, you ought to provide value. The value that your target audience would like to be associated with. For example, customers to exotic hotels use these hotels’ branded hashtags to get featured on their timeline.

As such, more and more followers yearn for a chance to get exposure across different platforms. This fun experience helps build a loyal following in the long run.


Over to you

We hope you have found this guide of help. We can guarantee that you’ll get more Instagram followers is you employ either of the shared tips.

Now, we’d like to hear from you:

Which tip(s) do you think you’ll employ to get 10K followers?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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How to Get 10K Followers on Instagram - Step by Step Guide
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How to Get 10K Followers on Instagram - Step by Step Guide
Growing Instagram followers pool from scratch to 10k+ can seem a daunting task, right? Well, it’s not. Although it requires strategic hard work, it is doable in a matter of a few months.
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