Google launches AI-based Emoji Scavenger Hunt browser game
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Google launches AI-based Emoji Scavenger Hunt browser game – Encyclopedia AI

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Google’s new AI game shows machine learning tools can also be used to produce fun little games.
Google has launched a new game called “Emoji Scavenger Hunt” that uses the company’s advanced machine learning tools. Launched under its new Artificial Intelligence (AI) experiment initiative, the game asks the user to work with a smartphone’s camera to get objects that match an emoji within an occasion limit. With each find, the time limit increases.
To play the game, you will need to visit this website your Android or iPhone browser. Remember that the game only works on mobile devices, not on the desktop. Give the website permission to gain access to your camera. The initial scavenger hunt is pretty easy, say it’ll ask you to get issues that appear to be your plan, keyboard or mouse, which can be vicinity easily. You can even share your scores on social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
“Locate the emoji we explain to you in the real world with your phone’s camera. A neural network will make an effort to do you know what it’s seeing. Ensure that your sound is on,” says Google on its website.
Google makes it clear that it does not store any images on its servers. “Most of the interactions are happening locally on your own device,” added Google.

The complex algorithm behind a straightforward AI game

The game is predicated on Tensorflow.js, a platform for browser-based JavaScript library for training and deploying ML models. The platform allows developers to utilize highly advanced machine learning tools in web browsers. Developers can learn how to make similar AI games or apps here. You can also check out| at Google’s other AI experiments here.
This comes several days before Google’s I/O developer conference slated to be held from May 8 in California. In line with the report, the company could announce some AI news. Google reportedly might update its AI camera app, Google Lens and its specialized AI chips called TPUs.
Last month, Google gave users a (fun) glimpse of how far natural language processing — that deals with machine reading comprehension — in the technology has come. Google Research division of the search giant has rolled out Semantic Experiences, which are websites with interesting activities that  AIs’power to understand how we speak.
It’s two experiences |to take pleasure from and the next one is for developers to help them create their own experience. The very first two experiences are called “Speak with Books” where users can explore a fresh way to talk with books and “Semantics” where people can enjoy word association games powered by semantic search.
The company trained its AI by feeding it a “billion conversation-like pairs of sentences”, so it could learn to spot just what a good response looks like.


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