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How to create an Effective Email Marketing Mampaign

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An email marketing campaign is mailing of messages from a business to numerous existing or potential customers. A successful campaign is expected to produce the recipients to make some action, get in touch with business, and, ultimately, convert the recipients into leads and sales.

A large advantage of email marketing is that email is still broadly used. The survey statistics show that 90% of adults and 74% of youngsters go on using email at regular periods as of 2018.

Hence, email marketing remains an effective instrument for developing and maintaining customer relationships.

It is comparatively easy to obtain someone’s email address. Many people have several emails, and they often casually give them out.

However, most people tend to use different email addresses for well-defined purposes, one for work, one or several for personal communication, and a separate one for spam or unimportant emails.

Therefore, an email from your campaign will likely compete with hundreds of other non-important messages in this mailbox.

This is the conditions in which email marketers usually content to draw and capture people’s attention and convert them into leads.

Therefore, your email should differ from those of your competitors not to be buried under this billow of unimportant messages and spam.

Cognitive involvement implies thinking about the received information, interest in obtaining new information about the subject.

Regarding email marketing, cognitive involvement means an interest in receiving information about your product or company and further readiness to make actions based on this information.

Before starting an email marketing campaign, some preparations should be done to make it more effective.

This means that you should induce the customer to action and receive information for further marketing effort enhancement. Therefore, the steps of the campaign can be the following:


  1. Determine the goal of the campaign

Before starting a campaign, you should understand what result you are going to receive in the end. Do you want to introduce a new product? Or increase brand awareness? Or remind about your company in connection with some special date or event? Are you willing to segment your audience to make a special offer for each segment?  


  1. Distinguish between the email types

Depending on the goals of the campaign, email of different types can be sent to the recipients. These may be welcoming letters for new subscribers or clients with common information about the company and products and links to some sections on the corporate website.

Letters informing about sales, special offers and events may lead to special landing pages created for selling a particular product. These also may be letters about new products sent to recipients with some regularity.

One trick to induce customers’ interest in the company is to use suggestion and not provide the full volume of information.

You may start sending letters about the event in advance to intrigue the customers and maintain them unaware until the event.

People like to be intrigued and will fulfill the lack of information with their own thoughts and expectations about your company or product.

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  1. Know your audience

It is also very important to know who your audience, what they like and what they do not like.

Different types of messages should be used for distinct audience segments. Youngsters like when they are spoken to in their slang language.

Adults will likely prefer a more official style of messages. Women will prefer more emotional letters while men, being more rational, need the information to be more concrete and precise.

People like when you speak to them in their language and will react more actively to the messages which they like and understand.

To do this, the analytical instruments should be used. You can analyze a lot of customer actions made on your website and examine the reaction to previous email messages.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful analytical tools which allows for tracking and analyzing almost every single action on the website.

You can use tagged links to know from which ads your clients come to your website, what path they make, and at which stage they quit if they the website without a purchase.

Also, A/B testing allows for understanding people’s reaction to particular details of the website. All this information will help you to create more productive messages for email campaign.


  1. Use technologies

The use of third-party email marketing services can be useful in the sense that the best of these platforms have a lot of instruments to make your campaign more effective.

These include campaign automation with numerous templates and workflows available, the opportunity of integration with the software you employ in your work, analytical tools for campaign efficiency, means for segmenting your audience and sending different messages for distinct segments.


  1. Employ different types of content

To draw the attention of the recipients, you can use different types of content including plain texts, photos, GIFs and short videos. The latter types draw more attention since they convey information more easily and effectively.

Yet, there should be a reasonable balance between different types of content since only videos may pall as quickly as only plain texts.

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  1. Storytelling

A good way of drawing interest of the audience is storytelling. You start telling your story and maintain people’s attention until the very end.

Another good means is to induce recipients to make some very easy actions such as clicking the button or answering Yes or No to a simple question in a series of letters.

This will not need much effort from the audience but will involve them in the process and make them wait for the next letter.

Also, this will give the information on how the public reacts to your messages and make you think about what can be improved.


  1. Send and Analyse

When the content is prepared, you understand what and to whom you will be sending, all services and software are set up appropriately you only need to start the campaign.


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How to create an email marketing campaign that would stimulate consumers' cognitive involvement?
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How to create an email marketing campaign that would stimulate consumers' cognitive involvement?
An email marketing campaign is mailing of messages from a business to numerous existing or potential customers. A successful campaign is expected to induce the recipients to make some action, get in touch with business, and, ultimately, convert the recipients into leads and sales.
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