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17 Tips to Increase Facebook Page Likes and Followers

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How many like does your Facebook page have? In case you are doing social media marketing, you know the importance of this number.

If your concern is to increase the numbers of Facebook likes, you are in the right place

Most marketers know how to build a Facebook page likes through Facebook paid promotion platform, yet many of them don’t know how to increase likes without spending any money.

facebook likes hack : how to increase facebook likes and followers

This article will through light on 17 effective ways to grow your facebook page likes. We will focus on increasing page likes in organic ways because organic posts get more likes and shares.

  1. Posting with images should be in your content strategy. using attractive and relevant images is a great way to increase post and page reach and engagement.
  1. one of the easiest way to increase Facebook followers and likes is by inviting people.

You can ask them by sending the direct message or invite by clicking invite friend button on facebook.

keep in mind that it’s better to have a small, targeted audience than to have a big, broad one.

  1. Don’t be afraid to urge personal from time to time. Followers want to interact with the real person behind your Page.
  1. Place your Facebook Page link on all of your promoting materials: your business cards, signage and even on your print ads.
  1. Use Facebook’s Page Plugin (Like Box) on your website or Blog. A Facebook like button on your page or post will help your audience to reach your Facebook page.

follow us plugin to increase likes on social media

  1. Promote your Facebook page on your different social media account. Asking your twitter followers or linked in connection to like your facebook will boost your page likes and followers.  
  1. You can run Facebook ads, Facebook allows you to run your ads with different goals,

you can run “engagement”, “Reach”, “Brand Awareness” and “conversion” Ads to increase followers and engagement on Facebook page and post.    

In this way, if your fundamental goal is to get store deals, you can run a conversion promotion and still increase Facebook likes to your page.

  1. Create and share your own infographics. People like to interact and share with infographics.
  1. visit your Facebook Insights to check out what content your followers are liking the most. Highlight the posts that have received the foremost engagement and highest reach, and share these types of content again and again.
  1. Complete your profile and Optimize your Facebook page’s SEO (search engine optimization):

Use relevant keywords in your title and About section; and contains the same NAP (name, address, phone number); Link to your page from your website and alternative internet properties.

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  1. Tag other pages in your posts. Followers of that page can have an interest in your post that will help you to boost page likes and post reach.
  1. Invite your email contacts to like your facebook page. send a brief email invitation with the briefing about page.
  1. Create the post on breaking news and trending topics and post with relevant hashtags.
  1. Engage with the Facebook Pages and Groups in your niche. Comment on other people post.
  1. Ask your fans to share posts and images on your page. These will be seen on their friends’ feeds, increasing your visibility.
  1. Embed your Facebook page URL on every image you share on Facebook. As your image gets shared, thus will your page URL!
  1. Post: Posting gives a message that you’re not serious about your page.

If you want your followers to interact with your post in your page, you need to establish a regular pattern of posting useful and relevant content.


In this article, we discussed how to grow your Facebook page followers.

There are plenty of massive changes happening at Facebook over the past few months, however, that doesn’t build Facebook any less of a powerhouse. They’re still the most popular social media platform.

And their 2.2 billion monthly active users is not any joke. Hopefully, these above-discussed points will help your marketing strategies to increase page likes and followers on facebook

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