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How to Write SEO-Friendly Content 

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Writing SEO-friendly content is not an easy task, it takes immense focus and deep concentration to create articles or content that deliver quality information for users and readers to understand.

If you have a personal assistant who manages your website, ask them how hard it is to create an authoritative article that would grasp the curiosity of online readers.

If you are thinking of entering the world of blog writing or article writing, as well as SEO content making, you might want to have a refresher course or maybe a background in content writing to make it through on how things are done in the content writing world together with the tools needed in performing well enough to have your boss’ nod and applause.

It’s not that easy taking on the task of making something out of nothing. You can’t just copy someone else’s writing to be put up on your website that would be plagiarism.

Writing SEO-friendly content doesn’t mean you only need to throw in some funny bunch of words, sentences, and paragraphs just to put a smile on a reader’s face.

You also don’t need to have a heavy dramatic novel to have their hearts. However, there are times that you need to be creative, you need to win the reader’s trust by mixing all elements, some jokes, trivia, drama, and don’t forget action, just like watching a film, in this case, we put it into writing.

The truth is, SEO-friendly content means you need to have a solid content that is “well-optimized” that will eventually drive traffic to your website, which is if you have a website for your business.

And apparently, the fact that a content structure must be well written, free of errors, punctuation is perfect and easy to the eyes of a reader creates an invisible magnet that pulls readers to your website. Engagement probably is the perfect term to say. Engaging with prospective customers using amazing content is the new hype. 

The internet is so vastly populated that it is impossible for users not to notice your content. But how can you create content that is noticeable, engaging, and SEO-friendly? What tools do you need to get things done the right way? Let us give out some basic pointers on how things are done in the field of content writing.

The guidelines for perfect the content are just below.


GUIDELINES to write SEO Friedly content 

Create content that would benefit people.

First and foremost, you are writing content for people to read and not just for the sake of SEO strategies or for a search engine such as Google to gain authority and rankings.

You need to write something of value for readers. A business, for example, you need to give out specific information that would be beneficial for their everyday needs. The only person who knows your product or service well enough is you. Tell them how unique your business is, tell them that what you offer is better than other competitors.


Don’t be shy about writing long content.

Have you ever come across an article that is so short that you would not want to read it, after all, giving you the impression that the content doesn’t have much value and usable information? Many content marketers try strategies like this for the sake of distributing large quantities of short content to different websites, thinking that it is a good tactic to gain traffic.

Look at the big picture, a longer content with complete information is better than many short ones that lack beneficial information. Stick with a minimum of 1,000 words per article, surely all you need to say would be in there.



content marketing for seo


Now we go technical. Inserting your focus and target keywords to your content opens up the eyes of SERPs or Search Engine Results Page such as Google.

By doing this, traffic is attracted as well as awareness and authority for your website. Keywords are phrases or words (obviously) that are actually used by people on the internet to find what they are exactly looking for. Without keywords on your content, a prospective customer is surely far from sight.


Write Flawless Content

When we say flawless, it means the content should be informative, unique and interactive, grammatically free of mistakes, and of course, engaging. With all these elements combined, your content will be a sure-fire hit amongst readers and especially customers. We don’t want to have content that is poorly written and hardly understandable, giving the impression that your product or service is crap. Always remember, good content will mirror your business.


SEO writing takes time.

seo takes time


It takes quite some time to be an expert on SEO writing, some even take years of practice to perfect it. Even those that have a writing background struggle in SEO writing. But with perseverance, motivation, and a lot of practice, you will be able to achieve what professional writers possess. No magic can make you a good writer, you need to earn it.


Regarding tools for SEO writing, there are dozens online which can help you have better content. Grammarly for one is a tool that helps you with correcting grammar, punctuation, and syntax. It also has a plagiarism checker to avoid having the same content as other sites. Hemingway is another tool that gives suggestions to make your article easy to read, avoiding long sentences for not that patient readers out there, it also highlights the mistakes with colors for easy editing.


Google AdWords for keywords, SEMrush for analyzing the competition and statistics of your site, and many others can be found on the internet. You can always use as many tools as you want to create amazing content for better website traffic and customer awareness.


The bottom line in SEO-friendly content creation is immersing yourself into technicalities, knowing what’s right and what’s not. Doing research and study will help build your confidence in creating impressive content for your website and for the business. And once you perfected the art of SEO writing, companies, businesses, organizations, and other groups will be seeking your service to helping them achieve their goals in their chosen industry.

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Best 5 Tips to Write SEO Friendly content | How to write SEO Friendly content
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Best 5 Tips to Write SEO Friendly content | How to write SEO Friendly content
Writing SEO-friendly content is not an easy task, it takes immense focus and deep concentration to create articles or content that deliver quality information for users and readers to understand.
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