7 most important seo on page checklist
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Analyze your website with the on-page SEO-Test

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Keyword Usage Test

It will test if your website’s title and description have the right set of keywords. To do this first you need to make sure that you have the title and description tags. You must adjust the content of the tag so that you use the primary keywords.

Heading Tags Test

This will show if you have the H1 and H2 HTML header tags. Although these tags are not at all visible to the users, but they help in maintaining the overall purpose and theme of the website page.

The H1 is the most important heading that could be the title of the blog post or the page. The H2 tag is the second important heading after H1.

If you wish to pass this test, then you need to first look for the most important topics that exist on your page and then insert those topics between <h1>…</h1> tags.

Robots.txt Test

This will check if your website has a robots.txt file. When the search engine robots crawl a website, they begin by crawling a robots.txt file. The Google bots are directed by the Robots.txt file that which file they must crawl and which one they shouldn’t.

If you want to pass this test, then you must properly install a robots.txt file. You can use an online tool to do so. Always make sure that file has all the lower-case text.

Sitemap Test

The on-page SEO test will check if your webpage has a sitemap. But first you need to understand what is a sitemap? In a sitemap all the important web pages are listed on which you want the web crawlers to crawl.

And when web pages are added to the sitemap then the web crawlers crawl the website more intelligently or else there are chances that web crawler might skip crawling your page.

SEO Friendly URL Test

This checks if all the URLs are SEO friendly. If you want the keywords to be SEO friendly, then you need to make sure that all the keywords are relevant to the content on the page without the spaces and some other special characters like underscores.

If you avoid using certain parameters, then it will make the parameters less inviting.

Favicon Test

In this you need to check if your website is correctly using a favicon. Do you know what is a favicon? These are small icons that appear in the appear in the URL of the browser.

With the help of the favicons any reader can distinguish between different brands. They appear just next to the title of the URL when you bookmark a page. When anybody searches for your website brand then with the help of the favicon it becomes easier for anybody to navigate the website.

A favicon test is conducted for the on-page SEO and it is considered as one of the most important branding elements.

Social Media Test

This test is very crucial as your social media presence determines how much business will you get. So, if somebody’s expecting their business to prosper then they must connect their pages with the social media networks.

Social media networks are becoming increasingly important for making the ranking of a website go up in the search engine pages. It will help increase the authority and the trustworthiness of the website.

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7 Most Important on page SEO Test you must Validate - On page SEO Checklist 2019
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7 Most Important on page SEO Test you must Validate - On page SEO Checklist 2019
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