Common PPC Pitfalls to Avoid at any Cost
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Common PPC Pitfalls to Avoid at any Cost

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Online Marketing has given small businesses a great advantage when it comes to advertising their products. Earlier only large corporates used to advertise their products but today even a small local shop could market their services and products. One such tool disposable to a small company is the pay per click marketing tool. 

Pay per click marketing is an important part of any web marketing service. When it comes to boosting a business ROI, the top digital marketing companies always recommend using PPC campaigns to their clients.

But does a top digital marketing company keep the business safe from the potential pitfalls?

What happens when even the top digital marketing company is not able to keep the concerns away from the business? As a business, you should not put all your eggs in one basket and hope for the best.

As a business, you should be aware of the common pitfalls that people fall into when dealing with pay per click marketing.    

To learn more about PPC marketing pitfalls and how they affect the business, please continue to read.


Poor Keyword Selection

PPC marketing is not only about making people click on your ads. For many businesses, it can also mean the start of a customer journey.

Don’t always use sales oriented keywords in your AdWords copy. Use long-tail keywords instead. Sure long-tail keywords may not give you immediate results, but it is an important tactic to lure your customers who are in search of a specific product or service. 

The traffic brought by the long-tail keywords is always going to be lucrative than the specific sales traffic, people in the awareness stage of their customer journey may not end up buying your product.

Using long-tail keywords will make sure that the customer moves in their sales cycle and becomes aware of your products and services.    

 Missing the Advantages of Mobile Traffic

Mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic in 2015. You simply cannot ignore this fact. It increasingly makes a large part of all website traffic. Mobile users are the most likely to convert because they tend to be looking for the most immediate solution to a problem. Many marketers do not create a mobile-specific strategy before it’s too late 

Yes, it does involve a special strategy to design a mobile strategy. But given the current internet penetration through mobile devices, it is all worth it.

There are so many tools available in the digital market, which makes your website mobile-friendly. Your PPC campaigns should also be designed to cater to the needs of the mobile audience.

Just experiment with different designs both on desktop and mobile, then compare the results. Not placing a mobile-optimized strategy is the biggest blunder of the digital age.

Sure, it needs some extra effort, but that does not mean that a company should be repeating the same mistakes as their predecessors. 


 Missing the Advantages of Mobile Traffic


Lack of Geographical Targeting  

Out of many benefits, digital marketing has given the marketing world, geographical targeting is surely the best. Even your PPC campaigns allow you to do that.

Unfortunately, a number of PPC marketers ignore this advantage when designing a marketing strategy. A customer is more likely to click on the ad about a store located in their local region. 

Ads need to be geo-targeted, If you have a product or a service which specially caters to a group of the region, you should go ahead and designing a campaign keeping only those audience in perspective. 

If you launch a local PPC campaign with a landing page designed to cater to the global needs, the audience may not be able to connect to your piece of content.

Use the city and/or state in question to reach out to the target audience. An audience that recognizes their location is more likely to convert.

Many studies have pointed out that a customer is 70% more likely to visit the store in the next 24 hours if the product/service they are finding is available locally.  


Using the Same Landing page for everything

When a business is creating landing pages for their target audience, many are tempted to use the same landing page for all their products.

However, this tactic is dangerous and not recommended by any digital marketing company. Whenever you are targeting a unique audience with unique products, simply sending the same landing page doesn’t make any sense and is not advisable. 

Different landing pages must be dedicated to different products. If a user is clicking on a particular product, it means they need information about that product itself.

Sending irrelevant landing pages to your target audience may be counterproductive since it will drive away even the potential customers. 


Keyword Stuffing


Not Utilizing Your Analytical Skills

Analyzing your marketing campaigns is as necessary as launching marketing campaigns. Unlike traditional marketing, digital actually gives you the opportunity to analyze and optimize your PPC campaigns for better results.

Any PPC marketer not taking time to utilize the analytical tool is placing themselves behind their competition. They will not be able to enjoy the same benefits as their competitors. 

What keywords did they use to search your ad? What channel drives them to your website? What is the path taken by a consumer to complete the sales cycle? These are the kind of questions the analytical tools are happy to provide.

If your PPC campaign is not performing as per your expectations, you could understand the reasons behind it and avoid those mistakes in the future.

The PPC campaign must be properly integrated. Marketing software and analytic tools are the best way to go about it. 


Keyword Stuffing

This is probably the stuffing most repeated mistake in the PPC marketing campaigns. Google algorithms are so advanced that they could easily predict any discrepancies like keyword stuffing.

While designing any PPC campaign or any marketing campaigns for that matter, your focus should always be to ease the resistance faced by your target audience.

They are more likely to trust a business that answers exactly what they ask for. Keyword stuffing may give you some initial results, but the audience and even Google algorithms are clever enough to look through it. 

Research always points out that a minimum number of keywords are required while designing a PPC campaign. A PPC marketing plan that is too focused on driving only traffic and not useful conversions is doomed to fail.   


Flawed Ad copy

You don’t have to a master copywriter, but there is no reason that your ad reason shouldn’t be interesting. Remember that Google displays three PPC campaigns in the top search results.

If you just follow the standard template, a customer won’t be able to distinguish between you and your competitor. So writing a creative ad copy is a sure way to gain attention from the customer. When it comes to a search, it is hard for a company to stand out when all they are doing is fitting in.   

Learning from the best is a good way to start, but as a brand, you need to project new ideas and image in the market. Don’t fall into the habit of following things which are working for others. 


Lack of Organization

Having an organized campaign will save you many hardships in the long run and yield better results. Segment your ads with different geographical locations and product categories.

For example, there can be a campaign for shoes, another campaign for jeans and another one for bags. Then, within each campaign, you create ad groups made up of similar keywords. 

Ex – Within the “Bags” campaign, you may have a different ad group for different types of bags in your inventory: Travel bags, school bags, shopping bags, etc. 



There are so many things you could do as a business to drive sales through PPC marketing. While it is important to know what to do, it is equally important to avoid mistakes which others are making.

Develop a habit of learning not only from your mistakes but also from the mistakes of others. If you are new to the PPC world, just keeping in mind the above pitfalls and your campaigns will just work out fine.   

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Common PPC Advertising Pitfalls to Avoid - Digital Marketing Wiki
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Common PPC Advertising Pitfalls to Avoid - Digital Marketing Wiki
To learn more about PPC marketing pitfalls and how they affect the business, please continue to read.
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