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Social Media Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing Methods

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You might have seen that when a specific organization launches a new product within the market, it carries out large scale advertisements and promotional campaigns in order to raise the product’s awareness.

Prior to the rise of the internet, businesses made extensive use of different channels such as calls, television advertisements, offering product samples, etc. In order to make sure a higher number of consumers would get to know about the goods and services, they’re offering. 

During its early years, the internet was not the way we know and see it now. only a few educational institutes and government organizations were able to use it. Since then, the world has seen a remarkable revolution when it comes to both staying connected to the internet, and internet-based technologies too.

In current times, the internet can be considered as a hotcake, as most of the people we see around us make extensive use of the internet. Hence, the total percentage of users connected to the internet continues to increase day by day.

A higher number of people connected to the internet is one of the major reasons why different organizations have resorted to using different social media marketing strategies.

Through the proper use of social media marketing strategies, a business would gain the ability to tackle some of its goals really easily. However, these goals are of great importance, and a few major ones amongst them have been mentioned down below:


  • Deciding the Target Audience


One of the most important goals of an organization is to decide whose needs they would need to cater to. It’s a fact that it would take anything into consideration in order to increase its customer base. Sticking to older customers wouldn’t simply work for them. 

  • Creating Engaging and Interesting Content

It is true that customers take an interest in a specific product on the basis of its content, as it fully allows them to understand its traits. Businesses should come up with specially written content, with interesting and catchy elements, that would eventually interest anyone reading them. There’s a high chance that anyone reading them would turn into proper customers.

  • Posting Schedules

Organizations should create different pages on different social media channels in order to spread awareness related to their products and services. However, updates related to these can be posted at different intervals as a way to interest customers. However, sneak peeks and teasers related to an upcoming product could be shared too in order to hype the customers up.

Not only is social media marketing efficient, compared to traditional marketing, but it’s really cost-effective too. Well, enough of the introduction and let’s get to the point, shall we?

Why Resort to Social Media Marketing?

As mentioned above, social media marketing for business is a factor of supreme importance. Compared to traditional marketing methods, social media marketing is both cost-efficient and effective. Apart from only these two factors, social media marketing offers different other benefits, that would eventually provide a certain business with the best. The above benefits have been discussed in detail down below.

  • An Increased Brand Awareness

Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing a company’s brand reputation amongst the eyes of the consumers. Do note that setting such a strategy into motion would allow a business to cater to a greater audience.

Companies use different internet-based channels such as social media networks and emails for the promotion of their products. Since a large percentage of users are connected to the internet, it is expected that they would end up seeing the promotional content.

Furthermore, different companies can create pages on social media, and start their interaction procedure. It is true that if that specific page is shared, it’ll contribute to increasing brand awareness. Furthermore, every time a post will be shared, it would be introduced to entirely new people; either potential customers or those taking an interest in the business.

  • Leads to Greater Inbound Traffic

Let’s suppose if a business intends on increasing its customer base, except those who are already loyal to the brand, they would have to adopt different social media marketing strategies.

It is true that without the use of internet channels, a business would only be limited to its usual customers. As mentioned above previously, a business should create its pages on different social media websites, as they would result in greater brand awareness.

Furthermore, social media plays a major role in improving the overall search engine ranking related to the business’s website, as social media pages would redirect greater traffic towards an organization’s website.

However, coming up with skillfully written, and creative content would prove to be of great cause as these would allow a business to have a greater ranking in search engine results.

  • Provides an Opportunity to Track Competitors

Within the market lies a tough competition between different organizations in order to gain a higher monopoly. Social media marketing provides a certain organization to monitor how its competitor caters to the needs of their customers, and what method it follows in order to increase its brand awareness. if a specific business lacks at a point, it could simply take an idea from the competitive company in order to improve their own game, and correct any mishaps, if present.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Social media marketing can be considered as the most cost-effective of all marketing strategies. What makes it so cheap is the fact that creating profiles on different social media is mostly free, and requires a small fee in some cases. This is a beneficial step as it reduces the marketing budget considerably, and provides a greater return on investments as well. 

That’s All Folks

Different organizations, no matter how large or small they are, have started relying on social media marketing after taking their advantages into consideration. Such businesses seek the help of companies that specialize in offering social media optimization, just so they could increase their customer base and target their desired audience easily and effectively. 

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Is Social Media Marketing Replacing Traditional Marketing Methods?
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Is Social Media Marketing Replacing Traditional Marketing Methods?
Through the proper use of social media marketing strategies, a business would gain the ability to tackle some of its goals really easily. However, these goals are of great importance, and a few major ones amongst them have been mentioned down below.
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