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Latest Trends That Rule the Digital Marketing World NOWADAYS 

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In the era when showbiz is always ON, digital marketing has become vital. From a business to a political party or an individual, everyone wants to get into notice. This is the reason that digital marketing needs to update themselves with the latest Digital Marketing Trends.

The new methods of marketing on virtual platforms come in sudden use and become ubiquitous. Why not? We all want to become famous. The first requirement is to know about them to make the latest techniques of marketing useful. Isn’t it? 

Here are the Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends that will rule in 2020

  1. Chatbots

It is an instant messaging tool that is equipped with the smartness of artificial intelligence. They give an immediate response to the questions of the customers, which helps to ensure 24×7 assistance. They are attached with the websites, apps and landing pages.

Chatbots are not as understanding as the humans are, but they respond immediately to the frequently asked questions. Businesses with the concern of providing round-the-clock support can do a lot with this intelligent technique.


  1. Augmented Reality 

Augmented Reality is the future of digital marketing. It is majorly beneficial for an e-commerce site where people visit to buy a variety of products. From clothes to jewellery, they want to see if they suit their personality or not. 

Beyond the constraint of going to malls and stores to try things on, people can do that same virtually.

Try make-up, earrings, clothes, shoes, wristwatches etc. and see a virtual image of yourself. The other companies, like those selling the stuff of home decor, can also use it to attract more customers. 

People can visit the site or app to see how a particular colour will look on the wall of their home. 


  1. Personalised videos

Personalisation has always been the key to marketing tactics. People never like to see the generalised content on the things that they like personally. A person in love with vanilla flavour will skip the video of a chocolate flavour ice cream.  

The beholders want to see only those things in the videos that they admire or use. This digital marketing trend came into existence due to the feedback of the customers and their desire to see personalised videos. 

Following are the prime concerns that people have expressed on the need of personalisation 

  • The video should be only about the product or thing that an individual likes
  • It should be location-specific, as anything that is not under the geographical reach is of no use.
  • Interactive content to access information whenever required
  • Should have recommendations that help to plan the next step

The above things in a video help in attracting the attention of more and more people.


  1. Pay Per Click Automation

You know very well how money consuming is PPC technique. Previously, it was more expensive. Just a click was destined to take money from you and put in the wallet of your digital marketing company. 

It doesn’t matter if the person who clicked on the advertisement wants to buy a product or not. Maybe it was a random click, or many be it happened mistakenly. But money is wasted on it.

Now, pay per click is smarter, and in place of a generalised approach, it focuses more on the promising people. Those who are more likely to take a service or purchase a product get the messages or advertisements.


  1. Social Media Influencer

This is considered as one of the most effective as well as the efficient trends of digital marketing. It is excellent for brand awareness as a result comes in a few hours. This trend exploits the psychology of the audience.

The famous personalities on the social media that enjoy a large number of audiences fulfil the purpose of ‘social media influencer’. If they promote a brand or even a perception of their followers, it gets popular with magical speed. 

For example, – a baby care product can get instantly famous if an actress who is pregnant describes it on her social media page.

The efficiency of this trend is vast in reach. From fashion to finance, anything can be sent to numberless people through this. Won’t you give a thought to taking loans for bad credit with no guarantor by a famous businessperson who was once poor? 

If you follow that business personality on social media, anything that comes on his page gets positive attention from you. That may even become your first finance choice to improve your financial circumstances. You may take the loan. This is what influencer marketing does.

The Outcome Is 

Digital marketing, like always is getting smarter, and it will improve even more in the coming years. To stay successful in whatever field you want, keep an eye on its latest trend. It is much useful, efficient and of course fruitful. All the best for your efforts that you are planning to invest in the marketing part. 


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