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The Ultimate Guide to SEO Site checkup!!!

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Search engine optimization is the most important factor of any successful digital marketing campaign. However, the tools and technologies used in SEO keep on changing rapidly.

In order to make sure that which SEO strategy is working and not, it is important to conduct SEO site checkup at least once in a year.

An SEO site checkup allows you to know your brand’s biggest strengths and the opportunities for the improvement.


So, what is SEO checkup?

It is a process of tracking website’s user data, results, the impact of a strategy.

At the end of the tracking, you will get to know which strategy is working and what part of SEO needs your attention.

However, the basic SEO does not change but the tools and technologies keep on changing.

Content can be very helpful in turning your visitors into your customers.

Keep a track on the current updates and SEO trends to keep your website ranking higher in SERP.


Importance of conducting SEO site checkup regularly!!!

Do you know Google algorithms keeps on changing, there are hundreds of minor changes have been done by Google in their algorithms every year.

There are also major changes in the algorithm that can affect your website’s search engine ranking abruptly.

Much like your car needs repair from time to time, in the same way, your website needs minor changes from time to time.

You don’t need to run full-fledged SEO site checkup regularly but to keep your website higher in ranking a minor checkup should be done on a regular basis.

SEO checkup will let you know what is working and what is not working and what changes are there after the last SEO audit.

Through this process, you can get to know what action plan you should take to make your website SEO performing well.


SEO firm mistakes

A company may hire a specialist to get an SEO task done. These are the businesses that help companies to get higher ranking on their website.

But do you know some of these businesses use black hat practices such as keyword stuffing, doorway pages and many more?

In such a case, the website can be banned from major search engines such as Google.

That is why it is important to get to know the improvement of your website timely.  

Never depend upon the firm you have chosen completely.

Remember that you are paying them for the work they are doing so conduct SEO site checkup and check the ranking and improvements they have made.


Things to check in SEO site checkup!!!

The SEO site checkup can vary according to the brand’s marketing goal, your web presence, and your site ranking. However, here is a list of several key points that you have to check in SEO site checkup.

  •    Backlinks

Google crawlers and other search engine use backlinks to find out the authority of the website. Make sure that you are getting backlinks from reputable sources.

There are tools that can help you in finding out the authority of backlinks.

  •    Site design

Check whether your site design is great to offer great user experience to your users. Review where and how you can improve your website design for users.

Make sure you should have a web responsive design of your website.

  •    Keywords

Keywords are always the focal point of any digital marketing strategy. It is important to make sure that you are using the right keywords in your web content.

Make sure that you are keeping track of the target keywords and on the keywords that are working in your content. There are many online tools are present that can help you in researching keywords such as Moz.

  •    Editing your content

Make sure that the content you are using at your website should be concise and clear. Use proper grammar, and the language that is readable and attractive as well.

Make sure to use shorter paragraphs and shorter sentences that are easy to understand and read. Remember that all the web users are impatient.

If your content is not attractive and fails to get a user’s attention then they are more likely to visit another website.

These are the things which you should check during the SEO site checkup. Keep your website updated regularly and keeps a track on it. It will be helpful in getting higher ranking at your website.    

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The Ultimate Guide to SEO Site Checkup - Free SEO Audit & Reporting Tool
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The Ultimate Guide to SEO Site Checkup - Free SEO Audit & Reporting Tool
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