AI: The Future of Mobile Game Development
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In today’s world of Information Technology, as time rolled by and technology has influenced nearly every industry.

Right from manufacturing to transportation, healthcare to retail, digitization has created a tremendous impact.
No wonder organizations are undergoing a constant change.

Of all these, a major shift is witnessed in the gaming industry, thanks to the ever-growing technology of artificial intelligence. Today, video games are all about real-time visuals and live objects to play with.

Pokémon Go is one of the fascinating implementations of the above.

Artificial Intelligence mobile games, Pokemon GO



Of course yes! Not only has AI-enhanced the gaming experience but also added a layer of unpredictability for gamers to peel off.

With every single update, gamers are thrilled to experience groundbreaking gaming events.

Now, this is pretty obvious, when you give the gaming enthusiasts a platform to revive their inner madness, emotional detonation is bound to occur.

Acknowledging the need to adhere to the industrial needs, developers are blending artificial intelligence into the gaming industry.

artificial intelligence gaming industry

The time when the assimilation of AI in the gaming sector is not fair considering the rising popularity of smart devices and likewise, smarter apps.

Picture this, you are playing an adventure game and instead of having two dummy players, you have one computerized player and the other one is actually you.

Or a game similar to the Harry Potter Wizards Unite, where you can view the objects right in front of you. Excellent, right.

Something like the game is dependent on the decisions you make in real-time or the army you built to invade converse with you in real-time.

I know this might sound a bit frivolous but not after the onset of artificial intelligence. In the current day scenario, all such events and gaming experiences are no longer a fiction. Again thanks to AI!

It appears as if, ten years from now and the total face of the gaming industry would be revamped. According to a report, the gaming industry is expected to rise to $174 billion by 2021.

This further motivates developers to embed newer technologies and give their industry the much-needed boost.

True that there are multiple technologies laying their impact on gaming development, but AI emerges to be the clear winner. Wondering how?


How AI Affects Game Development?

Artificial intelligence as the terms suggest is ways by which code or piece of software can behave intelligently.

It could embed several skills like recognition of pattern, speech, identify similar datasets, or navigate smartly.

Since AI necessitates immense calculations, today developers use these to build smarter apps.

AI-powered games have the propensity to react in real-time and craft an environment where users can determine the end result of the game by playing it in real-time.

Role of AI in Games development


Developers – Smarter Than The Technology

In addition to the above, AI-specific games are smart and use players’ behavior to create gaming instances.

Every phase of the game is designed keeping in mind the user-game interaction and possible user response.

Developers use platforms such as TellTale to know more about the user’s preferences and choices with respect to a particular game.

Having real-time data on a player’s choice helps developers embed the same in their gaming apps.

Artificial intelligence can scan through the user’s behavior and learn when and where the user will turn frustrated.

AI: Artificial Intelligence Smart work and Smart Intelligence

For complex puzzles, players might find themselves trapped and just at the point when they would wish to have any hint, the technology-driven game would pop a message, stating a hint.

Now, this is what artificial intelligence is and this differentiates it from all other video games plying in the industry.

Gone are the days when the player’s made their choice on the difficulty level of the game.

Today, the choice is with technology. You start playing and based on York responses, the game would modify itself.

Wow, technology is actually turning smart I guess!


Future Of AI In Game Development?

Future life Gaming using AI: Artificial Intelligence

● Realistic Games

This is one of the most important sectors where technology has altered the face of mobile games.

From static racing games to the dynamic ones, 3D games and the recent AR-VR driven games, technology has empowered the gaming industry.

And this is to the extent which years ago was nothing but fiction. With each passing day, the gaming interface is turning more of a reality.

Realisitic Gaming Experience with AI: Artificial Intelligence Use

For instance, consider you are playing a game and an action X would lead to a standard outcome Y but not today.

Now, the developers are integrating smarter ways to learn and adapt to user behavior and respond promptly.

This would turn games far more realistic as compared to years before.

● Enhance The Gaming Experience

No doubt artificial intelligence creates a virtual image of the static characters within the game.

This infuses a sense for real-time playing and further, improvises the overall gaming experience.

Consider the fantasy league games plying in the industry worldwide, you can yourself pick your team of players and then see your scoreboard pacing high when your players hit shots in real-time.

This in a way turns to game more interesting and further improves the overall experience of the player within the game.


The Era Of Change

AI: Artificial Intelligence and Games

AI owns the potential to manifest changes that undeniably can transform the gaming industry.

Nearly every sector is vesting in technologies to make life simpler and easier.

Electronic Arts, one of the giants in the gaming industry has started its own research with the center named as SEED.

This is responsible for finding a new arena in the gaming industry given the application of artificial intelligence.

AI in the gaming industry can:

● Automate tasks that are labor specific
● Generate music, characters, and real-time responses
● Help developers create immersive and engaging games.
● Create blocks of games to finally have a bigger model.


Today, gaming is not only about passing the time of entertaining self.

Today, players look for a realistic environment where they can be part of the game and interact. And this exactly what artificial intelligence does.

With growing needs and player anticipations, developers are now on their way to embed and integrate algorithms to improve and enhance the gaming sector on the whole.

While this is just the beginning and the real image is yet to hit the market.

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AI - The Future of Mobile Game Development
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AI - The Future of Mobile Game Development
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