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Woocommerce vs Magento – Which One Is Better?

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To take your business one step ahead from your competitor you have to set up your e-commerce business. For this, you need to choose an outstanding platform to create your own e-commerce to enhance your growth in the current market.

In this digital era, a lot of platforms are available which can suitable for your demand and can make your site. From all the other platform here are two leading e-commerce platforms one is Woocommerce and the second one is Magneto.

Now lets some research about them before getting an idea which is best for you.


About Woocommerce

Woocommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress which is working since 2008. Woocommerce is leading in the e-commerce market with over 32 lakhs live site which is almost 28.4% of market share.

Woocommerce now has 30% of online stores and over 1 million downloads which are a brilliant stat. They have 5% of there site in top 1 million which makes them NO 1 e-commerce platform around the world.

Woocommerce runs on WordPress which increases its security and create trust among users. the numbers of Woocommerce users are really big and we can see the popularity of Woocommerce with its trend.

woo commerce


About Magento

The magneto is one of the leading e-commerce platform working since 2008 and currently have 5.94% of market share. Magneto handled over $100 billion every year. Which makes it the 4th leading company in this market. They have over 2 lakhs live site in which 1.48% are in the top 1 million. By its high-end user design, they give an excellent customized site for the user. with their lower deployment cost and speedy delivery makes them one of the trustworthy platform for e-commerce site in the world.



Now the question arrives that which one is best for you.  

“Woocommerce or Magneto”   so let’s start comparing both.



  • Woocommerce is the most suitable e-commerce plugin for WordPress users to create they’re your own e-commerce site.
  • The unique point of Woocommerce is their user-friendly platform which is easy to handle, and you can easily customize your theme according to your taste and your business demand.
  • Woocommerce provides thousands of themes in which you can select which one is better for you and can give benefit to your business.
  • In the theme section, Woocommerce includes paid as well as lots of free themes which you can use easily.
  • WooCommerce is kept lean so you can add just the options you want.
  • Woocommerce also made to work alongside with your favorite WordPress plugins, so you can keep the features you already love.
  • WooCommerce is an entirely open source, which means you can modify and customize anything, you have full control of your site.
  • Every hook, filter, API endpoint, major release, and extension are meticulously documented so you have the information you need to make the changes you want.



  • Magneto provides two plans in which one is free and the second one added some advance feature.
  • In magneto, the user is more dependent on their support services to make a change or understand the theme, until unless you have great coding knowledge.
  • Magneto provides the platform on the demands from their user.
  • Magneto is more suitable for the professional and high-end market.
  • Magneto provides B2C and B2B model to reduce the risk and time of their client.
  • Magneto scales your website in real time to know your loads need and optimize them according to need.
  • According to your selected plan, Magneto manages your site response time and know about your limitation to reduce the risk of downtime.

Services of Woocommerce

  • Woocommerce is based on WordPress which makes it more reliable than any other platform in the market.
  • The reason behind the success of Woocommerce is that 26% of sites are now working on a WordPress theme which makes them unconditionally popular among user.
  • WordPress is the most common platform among users which make its most reachable platform and the user can find the solution easily over the internet.
  • Woocommerce provides everything you want at one place so you can use hassle-free service of them and can make your business smoother.
  • They provide you to access the plugin so you can modify the theme according to your need.
  • They provide you the platform where you can sell or buy everything you want.
  • Woocommerce is a worldwide organization and having developers from everywhere in the world which provides best Woocommerce development services.
  • It provides you countless themes options in which some of them are free and some of them are paid with their support.
  • They provide 24 hours of assistance through their customer service.
  • Customization is available according to customer preference and their country currency.
  • They provide hassle-free payment service and one-click refund to their customer.
  • Woocommerce is running on WordPress which is recognized as worlds best platform for SEO practice.


Services of magneto

  • Use templates to get an exclusively customizable design e-store.
  • Ability to perform target marketing, customer segmentation and merchandising.
  • It gives options to set more than one wish lists.
  • A highly portable device responsive application.
  • Facility to add countless product attributes.
  • It has some privacy features in selling a product to a specific customer.
  • Integrated content management system.


Expenses in Woocommerce and Magneto

  • The Woocommerce provides thousands of free theme and paid them according to the demands of the customer.
  • Woocommerce runs on WordPress which is free to use. They do not charge any hidden charges.
  • Calculate fee according to customer region. and also provide some extension without any charges.
  • On the other hand, magneto, you have to subscribe $18000 per year plan to use their services. and it can be used by only big business works           

So, by far Woocommerce is more reliable for users.


Some limitations of Woocommerce and Magento

  • As Woocommerce runs on WordPress and it has become Vulnerable to security.
  • Some of the plugins can conflict with each other and cause a problem which affects your site run time.
  • Woocommerce or WordPress does not provide any hosting and data storage facility.
  • Woocommerce only can run on WordPress, which is its big disadvantage.
  • For Magneto, it is more expensive compare than to others.
  • Magneto has a complex system and requires higher development knowledge.
  • Magento theme implementation is hard and required a constant software update.


Now which one is can keep you up in your business

  • Woocommerce has is the biggest advantage over magneto. As it is easy to handle and customize your theme.
  • Woocommerce does not require any type of coding knowledge
  • In Magneto, you should have some knowledge of programming language which seems very hard to get along with it.
  • Woocommerce is a completely free version and you can find plugin very easily without any cost.
  • Whereas Magneto’s free version has less facility as well as a paid version.
  • Woocommerce doesn’t provide any kind of web hosting and storage facility to its user.
  • Magneto with their premium plan has hosted and provides storage facility as well.
  • Woocommerce has large numbers of extension and has a worldwide developer to support your site and can fix your problem easily.


After analyzing lots of points we can easily say that the Woocommerce has numbers of benefit over magneto. and it is a wise decision to choose Woocommerce for your e-commerce website.

Woocommerce will help you to enhance your business line thorough easy and accessible interface.


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Woocommerce vs Magento-  A Collision between the best E-commerce Platforms
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