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5 YouTube SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Your Videos

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YouTube is one of the largest search engines, only after google. It is estimated that around 400 hours of videos are being uploaded on YouTube every single minute. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process for gaining higher ranks for your content on the search engines. But when we talk about YouTube SEO, it is a search engine designed for videos.

And because YouTube is a search engine in itself, it comprises of its SEO practices. We know that if your videos on YouTube get enough views, you can also earn a good lot of money.

But it is not easy to get a high number of views on the videos unless you are a big brand with many subscribers. Hence, the SEO tactics mentioned below can help you to optimize the visibility of your videos on YouTube search-

youtube seo

  1. Use of keywords in the video title-

The viewer will know about what the content of your video is through the video title. The title that matches appropriately with the content of the video will make it viewer-friendly and also give your video a high ranking in the SEO algorithm.

For this, you can use the auto-complete feature of YouTube to get an idea as to what are people usually searching for and accordingly optimize your video content.

This process will give you a list of keywords that have some of the highest searches. Once you get these keywords, you can make a useful title for your video.

For example, there are a lot of YouTube videos that start with the words “how-to”. Hence, “how-to” becomes a keyword you can use if your video contains procedures for something. Not only YouTube, but you can also use the auto-complete feature of google to find out the keywords.


  1. Write a long description for the video-

While uploading the video, an important step is to write the description for the video. And here, the first few lines of the description play a crucial role in deciding the rank of your video.

Again, you can use the auto-complete feature of the search engine to pick out the keywords you can mention in the description. This is because as per the stats, if the keywords are found in the first two lines of the description, then it is likely that the video may get a higher ranking.

Also, it is important for you to make your video descriptions long enough so that YouTube gets enough keywords in order to rank the video higher.

The long descriptions help in ranking the video higher and faster for the target keywords. For example, in one of the articles, someone wrote that he made the video description 291 words long which was almost like a blog post.

Thus, in conclusion, it can be said that in order to gain visibility, make your videos about 200 words at least with the necessary keywords.


  1. Use of keywords in naming the video file-

You have already created your video, edited it and even prepared the video title and video descriptions that are inclusive of many right keywords, but when it came to the naming of the video file, you simply named it something random. This is something you must refrain from doing.

Make sure you name your video file as something as keyword.mp4. This is because when you name the video file in accordance with the keywords, it enables the search engines to understand the content of the video and thus give it a higher ranking.

It is the video file name that tells the search algorithm what the video is about. This happens because using keywords in the video file name enables the search engine to easily index the videos and give it a higher ranking. So make sure to use your targeted keywords in the video file name.

how to create keyword on video


  1. Encourage the people to subscribe to your channel-

Getting subscribers to your YouTube channel is definitely a big deal and a difficult task. The more subscribers your YouTube channel has, the popular it is and one of the algorithms YouTube uses to rank the videos.

This is because to like or to comment on a video is simply a one-time action by the viewers, but subscription to the channel will mean that people will get to see all your channel’s videos, and get updates on a regular basis. Having a greater number of subscribers is a big point that reflects the value and content you provide in your videos.

What mistake many YouTubers make while promoting their videos is asking the viewers to like, comment and subscribe all at once. This should not be done. You should prioritize each of these metrics separately and take measures to encourage the people to subscribe to your channel.


  1. Share your videos on social media-

In today’s world, the concept of sharing videos on social media is simple, yet it is important. With millions of social media accounts, it will give your videos as much reach as possible and thus to maximize your YouTube SEO visibility, make sure that you are sharing your videos on every social media channel.

You must share your videos on Facebook, as Facebook has tons of accounts of people from all over the world and of all age groups. Thus, it will help to drive the traffic to your videos, especially if the description is intriguing.

Share your videos on twitter also, because as per the twitter research papers, twitter drives engagement to the videos. Therefore, tweeting the videos with a good description can increase the views.

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Nowadays, people have also started to become more engaged in business platforms like LinkedIn than any other social media site. And especially, if the content of your video revolves somewhere around business, then LinkedIn becomes an even more important tool for you.

And finally, share your videos on Quora because Quora is always looking for in-depth solutions to solve the problem; and videos can prove to be very useful in doing just that.

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5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Youtube Videos - Youtube SEO
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It is not easy to get a high number of views on the videos unless you are a big brand with many subscribers. Hence, the SEO tactics mentioned below can help you to optimize the visibility of your videos on YouTube search
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