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How to Get Google Adwords Certification – Step by Step Guide

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Google ads certification is vital as it is outstanding amongst other approaches to proving that you have pertinent knowledge in your separate field.

It needs a particular level of endeavors to pick up involvement or take in the ideas in day by day use of ads to do.

Anyway, you need to get Google ads certified? You’ve gone to the ideal place. How imperative is getting certified? How about we take a gander at a few numbers:

  • In 2015, the digital advertising industry got $153 billion in income, with Google accounting for $67 billion of that offer.

  • Specialists expect that the business will become more than 69% to $260 billion in income by 2020.


In that capacity, I needed to share a few hints and assets you can use to help you en route.


About Google ads Certification

With Google ads certification, marketers are perceived as experts in online advertising. In the wake of clearing two exams of ads certification, you may be highlighted on the Google Partners profile page and get customized certification.

Google ads have been advanced quickly like a few Google properties, items, and activities.

Singular certification still works in particularly a similar way it completed a couple of years prior. Be that as it may, being solely offered inside the Google Partners program can be mistaken for people and understudies who aren’t presently working for or associated with a Google Partner agency.

Over that, there’s incentive in having the capacity to offshoot that person who is now certified with my company Google Partner account also.


There Are Six Types of Google Ads Certification altogether

  1. Google Ads Fundamentals
  2. Search Advertising
  3. Display Advertising
  4. Mobile Advertising
  5. Video Advertising
  6. Shopping Advertising


different types of google ads certification


Fundamental Materials

To start, you’ll must the accompanying:

  • Computer (Two screens is ideal yet redundant)
  • Internet
  • Notebook
  • Writing utensil(s)
  • Caffeine (Optional yet suggested. Green tea was my weapon of decision.)


This well-ordered guide gives a walkthrough of how to get ads certified in the present Google Partner program as it tends to be a befuddling procedure while doing it out of the blue.


Select or Create Google Account

As a matter of first importance, pick the correct Google account for certification. On the off chance that you work for a company or agency, you might need to use your work email.

On the off chance that you are doing certification yourself, you can pick a Google account to tie with your certification openly and actually. It very well may be Google or Gmail account associated with any of your own emails.

You can sign on to to create another account.




Join the Google Partners Program

Next, to making your Google account, make sure to sign out of other Google accounts. Like other Google items, there are some login difficulties or struggle on the off chance that you are signed into a few accounts.

Visit to sign into the account that you need to use for Google certification.

Click on “Join Google Partners” and on “Join Now” catch. It will prove to you the terms of administration. When you navigate it, you can formally join the Google Partners program.




Finish Profile

Now you need to finish profile. Your individual profile can be recorded in the Google Partner registry. Your certifications will be connected to this profile.

Fill some particular fields if Google doesn’t have this data. You can likewise search for your association in the registry and request to offshoot with it. Submit association ask for Google Partner account of your company.


Preparation for Google Ads Certification

How about we begin! To get ready for the ads Fundamentals exam, start with the Google ads Fundamentals think about guide found here.

Perusing the primary module “Understanding the Value of Online Advertising” will give you a general appreciation of how ads functions.

Take after your perusing of the principal module with this accommodating video on the sale procedure.

For visual students out there, I profoundly prescribe observing the greater part of the videos inserted in the examination guide. Google completes a wonderful activity of making them obvious and enlightening.


Taking the Exam(s)

This is your opportunity to sparkle! On the off chance that you have industriously arranged for the exams, at that point proceed—venture up to the plate and thump them both out of the recreation center.

Did you pass the two exams? Congrats! You are now formally Google ads certified—can rest easy, isn’t that right?

Regardless of whether your next arrangement is to now begin your own ads battle, advertise your ads ability for heaps of money, or vanquish the world, you first need to sit back, unwind, and lounge in your achievement—you merit it.

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