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How To Increase Likes On Facebook Post: The Best Tips and Techniques

Getting more Facebook Likes is a topic that every business owner is interested in, but how do you do it? With so many businesses on the network, how can you make your Page stand out? How can you keep getting new likes without having to spend money on advertisements? This blog post will talk about how to get more Facebook Likes with some easy steps and techniques.

Develop A Smart Facebook Marketing Strategy

Posting frequent updates is crucial to how you interact with your audience. If they don’t see any new posts, or if there are long periods of time between them, they will forget who you are and stop following you altogether. Post at least two times per day for maximum reachability. Make sure that your content is relevant; otherwise, people won’t like it (pun intended). Also, consider using Facebook ads to increase the visibility of your Page. It’s a great way to attract attention quickly!

Use An Effective Facebook Cover Photo

The first thing everyone sees when visiting a company’s page is their cover photo so make sure yours stands out from the crowd. Use bright colors and compelling images as these tend to receive more likes than others.

Make A WikiHow Account and Link to Your Page

By creating a wiki how-to account, you can link it back to your business page. When visitors follow the links on your company’s wiki how-to article, they will be taken directly to your Facebook Page! This is an awesome way of increasing likes by tapping into new audiences that aren’t necessarily already following you. Make sure that people see where this content led them from i.e., add ‘were brought here from: [page title]’ onto the end of every URL. Don’t forget the final step – send anyone who liked or commented on any posts over to join your mailing list so you can stay in touch with them more easily down the road!

Avoid Repeating Your Posts On Social Media Sites

You should definitely take advantage of all social media platforms that will send visitors over to your site but don’t try posting the same how-to content directly across every single one – this is another reason why using how-to articles instead of blog posts works so well for increasing likes because they’re already short enough not to be considered duplicates.

Make It As Simple As Possible To Discover Your Facebook Page

  • Make sure your Facebook Page URL is easy to remember.
  • Ensure the name of your page matches how people refer to you in real life – this is especially important if it’s a common word or phrase that many other businesses are using as well.

Linking with Twitter and Google+

You can also increase how likely someone is to like your post by linking up their social media profiles for them, so they don’t have an excuse not to share how much they loved what you had written about.

One way that you can ensure that people are seeing how much they loved it, and how helpful it was for them, is by including some type of check-in or feedback form in order to hear their opinions about what you’re doing right (and how you could improve). It really doesn’t take very long at all but when done correctly this will not only encourage more sharing with friends but also increase how many likes your posts get over time.

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